STEAMstudio Online Course

Course Design, Identity, Illustration, Strategy, UI/UX, Web

As a co-instructor for Brown University’s summer STEAMstudio course (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), I worked with a team of Brown faculty and undergraduates to develop a collaborative, project-based curriculum for teaching design. I created the STEAMstudio website as a platform for both residential and online students that could house the course’s entire curriculum, and connect remote students to resources and materials necessary to complete their projects.

As we hoped to make the site a extensible knowledgebase and creative community that could continue to grow with projects and tutorials long after the course was technically completed, I designed the site to be simple, modular and grid-based to reflect the non-linear, project-based approach to teaching and learning that the course was designed to foster.

I created the final version of the STEAMstudio logo, which is based on the logos of Brown and RISD STEAM. I also created all of the Project and Materials graphics, working from a simple, monochromatic aesthetic that drew upon the red color and pentagon shapes of the logo. I often used repetition in these illustrations, as an allusion to the course’s focus on iteration.

In developing the course’s curriculum, I created an eight minute video on HTML & CSS for the course, as well as tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML & CSS, FTP and 123D Design. I also conceptualized and created the “Intro to Web Design” project, one of the nine units of the STEAMstudio course.

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