Choose Energy UI/UX

Data Visualization, Strategy, UI/UX, Web

As a 2015 KPCB Design Fellow at Choose Energy, I worked on UX, UI, and visual design, as well as design research, for Choose Energy’s comparison energy shopping website. A major project I worked on was a redesign of their “plan cards” – the visualization of individual energy plans, displayed when the user enters their zip code. This design process began with an analysis of user needs, behavior flows, and technical requirements for the different types and density of information. I then established a hierarchy of information within each card, and began to iterate on sketches and wireframes with the rest of the design and UX development team. From these conversations and the company’s visual brand, I developed the final responsive plan card design. I used the same hierarchy and information architecture to redesign the expanded details views, and the checkout steps, from the plan card comparison through the end of a transaction.

I also worked on the intermediate “loading” screen animation that preceded the plan cards.